Oil Spill Clean Up

In the world today, consumers, manufacturers and lawmakers face the imminent problem of pollution. In 2010, the Gulf of Mexico was thrashed by the largest marine oil spill in history. A total of 11 lives were taken, up to 4.9 million barrels of oil was released into the ocean, thousands of jobs vanished, not to mention the countless marine life that was lost as a result of the spill. The spill affected the coastline of 5 states and due to the mutagenic chemicals released in the spill, mutated fish, shrimp and crab have been reported. Recent tragedies such as the BP oil spill of 2010 has brought the biotechnology industry into a furry to develop the next generation of green pollution clean up technology. Some have turned to bioremediation services due to the appeal of natural clean up mechanisms. Bioremediation refers to the use of fungi, bacteria, plants or other biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants. The biological agents that are typically used are microorganisms such as bacteria or archaea that have metabolic pathways to digest or remove the desired pollutant.

The microorganisms identified for bioremediation purposes are capable of utilizing the oil as a food source and in other metabolic processes. Some microbes have been identified to produce surface-active compounds (SACs) that enable them to emulsify water and oil and remove contaminants. At Altogen Labs (Austin, Texas), scientists have identified several newly identified strains of bacteria that have both high efficiency oil-degrading abilities and SAC producing capabilities. During oil spill contaminations, some microbes die while those that can utilize the toxic hydrocarbons associated with oil spills flourish. Once the oil contaminants deplete, the bacteria begin to die as their food source diminishes. As a result, the contamination area is removed of pollutants in a natural manner and the environment is left clean.

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